Liam Brazier illustration and animation
Liam Brazier
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Like Clockwork

Animated music videos for the band Queens of the Stone Age. Five fully After Effects animated promos, with artwork by Boneface.

Animated music videos, and associated tv, tour and viral animations for the 2013 Queens of the Stone Age album 'Like Clockwork'.

I had the sole duty of turning illustrator Boneface's excellent, bloody drawings into something somewhere between a motion comic and an abattoir run by Tarantino, producing five fully animated videos made from scratch, by the two of us, in just over four months - during which I also found time to get married and honeymoon.

The creep in the teaser animation would actually call your real phone, greeting you with a heavily distorted recording of my voice. Various news outlets described it as "Vaguely British" and "Hannibal Lector-like". My wife was proud.