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Liam Brazier



Who, me?


Your work is amazing.
— Star Wars, Instagram 2017
Saw some of your prints in a store in Greenwich. They looked beautiful.
— Jemaine Clement, Twitter 2018
I love the video.
— David Letterman, Live with Letterman 2013
Nicely done Liam!
— Billy Dee Williams, Twitter 2015


Queens of the Stone Age
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Liam Brazier has been professionally illustrating, and animating since the start of the millennium, which once sounded incredibly futuristic. Huh. 

Revisiting a (literally) straight-edged, geometric style from his college days for a couple of US gallery shows around 2010 led to Liam becoming most associated with it from then on. 

With experimental initial animations being applauded and award-garnering it somewhat took Liam by surprise as no-one had told him how to do it in the first place. Weirdly, people still let him animate for them.

In 2013 Liam was lucky enough to animate 5 inter-connected music videos for Queens of the Stone Age, which he is still happy to talk about when asked, mainly because it makes him seem a billion times cooler than he is.

His work has been seen and exhibited worldwide, and continues to enjoy the excitement of a new project (so get in contact already!).

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