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Liam Brazier



Who, me?

Your work is amazing.
— Star Wars, Instagram 2017
Saw some of your prints in a store in Greenwich. They looked beautiful.
— Jemaine Clement, Twitter 2018
I love the video.
— David Letterman, Live with Letterman 2013
Nicely done Liam!
— Billy Dee Williams, Twitter 2015


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  • Queens of the Stone Age

  • Megadeth

  • Casio
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Liam Brazier has been professionally illustrating, and animating since the start of the millennium, which once sounded incredibly futuristic. Huh. 

Though generally versatile, it was while revisiting a heavily geometric style from his college days for some US gallery shows around 2010 led Liam to become most associated with it from then on. 

Self-taught animations created post-university were applauded and award-garnering, leading to numerous projects including five inter-connected music videos for Queens of the Stone Age, which he is still happy to talk about when asked, mainly because it makes him seem a billion times cooler than he is.

His work has been seen and exhibited all over the globe, and continues to enjoy the excitement of a new project commission. In the (very) few minutes he is not working Liam can be found enjoying life with his cats, with his wife in Disney World, or looking into the middle-distance thinking about Star Wars.

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